HOUSING association residents are benefiting from a refresh of their homes, which has led to a huge drop in their energy bills.

Red Kite Community Housing is working to update more than 150 homes in Princes Risborough, Stokenchurch, Wooburn Green and Lane End.

They are working to improve the post-war constructed Wimpey No Fines houses and bring them into the 21st Century.

Work will include new wall insulation, double glazed windows, doors, guttering, fascias and rainwater pipes.

They have already completed a small pilot scheme in Southfield Road, Princes Risborough and will now work on the remaining homes.

Rosemary Kay, 63, who lives in Southfield Road is delighted with the renovation. She has had double glazing installed, patio doors and the outside of her house painted.

She said: "Before I had these horrible windows- there were big gaps.

"You could see the rain dripping through."

Her gas bill was £23 a week- and it is now only £10.

She said: "It means an awful lot. I have got a better view now. The house in front of me. It does look better.

"Before I had the blinds covering everything a lot. I don't mind having it open now and seeing outside and the same at the back.

"It makes you want to do more things to the house yourself. Before you felt demoralised.

"It just didn't feel like doing anything with it."

Mrs Kay was on her own with her children, who are now 25, 27 and 33 when she moved into the home.

Tenants were able to choose from a range of colours, finishings, fixtures and fittings, giving them the opportunity to design their homes in the way they would like.

Nicky Lanedecourtin, 38, also lives in Southfield Road with her husband, Malcolm Duarte, and three of her four children.

She said: "I was given this house 11 years ago. When I initially took the house I said I didn't want it. There was no double glazing.

"It was so cold. When my gas would run out the house was like an ice box.

"Everybody that comes now says what a huge difference it is."

As part of Red Kite Housings' commitment to improve local communities, they will also be offering the same range of improvements to private owners of Wimpey No Fines homes in all areas.

Those who choose to be part of the project will benefit from the cost savings they have achieved in partnership with their contractor Keepmoat.