COUNCILLORS have agreed in principle to put together a neighbourhood plan for the town of Princes Risborough.

At a Princes Risborough Town Council monthly meeting said Cllr Alan Turner he is struggling to find out how much money is available from Wycombe District Council to make one.

A neighbourhood development plan establishes general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood, for example- where new homes and offices should be built.

The plan needs to be community driven.

Cllr Turner said to make the plan they could employ students from Oxford Brookes University to carry out the work.

This would cost £20,000 for one year, compared to the £60,000 advised by WDC.

He said: "This will be a much cheaper and cost effective way of doing it. But where does that money come from?

"How much grant is available from WDC? It is a Government grant but paid out by the district council."

Winslow Town Council are already going through the process but they have a councillor with the expertise to carry it out., Thame Two Council has also got one but they were one of the first to do and spent more than £100,000.

Councillors agreed on principle to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan.

Spokesman for Wycombe District Council, Sue Robinson, said: "There is some Government funding in the form of grants to support the preparation of neighbourhood plans.

"Local authorities can currently claim £30,000 to help offset some of the costs incurred in creating a neighbourhood plan.  

"PRTC  could also claim up to £7,000 from the government and also receive hands-on practical support in preparing the plan. We recognise that preparing a neighbourhood plan is a major undertaking and Wycombe District Council would want to provide support and advice to help Princes Risborough Town Council along the way."