A TARDIS, phone and a block of Swiss cheese all rolled down the slope as two cub scout groups went head-to-head in a gravity grand prix challenge.

Cubs from the 2nd Amersham on the Hill Wolf Pack and the 1st Flackwell Heath Pawnee Pack took part in the 4th annual Pinewood Derby last Saturday, being set the task of creating their own cars.

Around 40 entrants were given a block of wood to carve their car out of before racing them down an eight metre track in their quest to be crowned the winner.

The Wolf Pack's Kaine Cooper was the first one down the slope as the Amersham cubs just about retained the overall winner’s trophy, but they were edged out of the overall top placings for the first time.

Helena Ferguson's Tardis car was voted the best looking, Harriet Foreman picked up the most original design award for her iPhone car, Ollie Hale was awarded the best effort for his hand drawn bus car and the cubs voted the coolest car to be Ben Foreman’s 'Swiss cheese slice with mouse' car.

Tim Lomax collected last place - one of the most sought after accolades, due to the trophy’s toilet design. In all 35 trophies, medals and certificates were awarded for various categories and everybody went away with a prize and a smile.

Creating the cars counts towards the cub scouts' DIY badge.

Wolf Pack's Akela, Rob Foreman, said: "I would like to thank everyone that turned up and cheered the racers on, but especially the parent helpers and volunteer leaders who worked selflessly all day. Without their help, dedication and giving up their valuable time these immensely enjoyable and popular events would simply not happen."

Graham Carter, Assistant Cub Scout Leader at the 1st Flackwell Heath Pawnee Pack, said to his Amersham counterparts: "You and your team are all stars - there was a great atmosphere in the room. Various parents shook my hand at the end and said their families had a great time."

Amersham's Mayor Nigel Shepherd handed out the awards at the end of the day and said: "I enjoyed it, but more importantly the children appeared to be having a fabulous time."