A COMMUNITY focus group for Marlow has called on police to explain what further action is being taken over the number of overweight vehicles crossing Marlow Bridge.

Members of the Marlow Community Forum, which is made up of groups and societies across town, have complained that large vans and heavy 4x4s are still disobeying the 3-tonne limit on the iconic structure.

In a letter to Inspector Scott Messenger, who heads up the team at Marlow Police Station, members ask what is being planned to deter the rule breakers.

It states: "Whilst the actual vehicle maybe just within the limit, when it is filled with cargo etc. it becomes considerably over the restriction.

"Concerns have been raised as to problems that could be caused to the structure of the bridge if these vehicles are allowed to continue."

Enforcement operations were carried out by police last year, with £800 in fines handed out for primarily commercial vehicles.

More contentiously however, large family 4x4 vehicles exceeding the limit were asked to turn around.

Earlier this year, Inspector Messenger told the MFP he was committed to protecting the 182-year-old chain bridge, which is perhaps Marlow’s most recognisable and best-loved landmark.

But he did raise the possibility of a discussion over the correct weight limit for the structure, with a higher 3.5-tonne restriction allowing most family cars to cross.

Inspector Messenger has confirmed that enforcement operations are continuing, and the query has been passed to the area’s traffic management officer.

He has also suggested that traffic police representatives attend the next Community Forum meeting to discuss action over enforcing the limit.