VOLUNTEERS are being sought for a new scheme - dubbed "gardening buddies" - to brighten up Marlow for the summer.

Marlow Town Council is looking for recruits to help plant flowers and spruce up public areas, including Liston Court.

The idea is part of the council’s ten-point ‘vision’ plan for making Marlow a more attractive, vibrant place to live, work and play.

Town clerk Annie Jones announced the plans to assemble the green-fingered team to bring some extra colour to the town centre.

The town council have also secured sponsorship for flower bed planting in town, which will allow areas including near Tierney Court to be kept bright and colourful all year.

Flower beds in the High Street, Market Square, Spittal Street and the junction with Dean Street are all provided by the Chamber of Commerce, which obtains sponsorship for the maintenance of these from businesses and organisations.

Last year Marlow won a silver certificate in the the 'Thames and Chilterns in Bloom' regional contest for its attractive displays.