A FIREFIGHTER at High Wycombe Fire Station claims he and his colleagues “have been locked out” this morning, as Bucks Fire authorities say they will not accept partial performance.

Bucks Fire and Rescue say a decision was made in December as they planned contingency arrangements for when firefighters strike.

The firefighter who wanted to be kept anonymous, said: “We are not allowed to work because they don’t want to pay us at all if we are striking for part of the day.

“Bucks are the only fire service to lock out firefighters from 9am. We are available from 9am until 12pm and 5pm until 6pm but they have told us they do not accept partial performance.”

Bucks Fire and Rescue spokesman, Fraser Pearson, said: “No one has been locked out, this is part of a wider contingency plan decided last December.”

The strategies outlined say it is recommended that the authority adopts the position of not accepting partial performance from any member of staff participating in lawful industrial action.

Firefighters across Bucks planned to strike as part of the Fire Brigade Union national strike, between the hours of 12pm until 5pm, whilst agreeing to work between 9am and 12pm as well as 5pm until 6pm.