CONTROVERSIAL new play equipment aimed at teenagers will be officially opened in just over two weeks time.

The Parkour site is currently being installed in the Recreation Ground in Straight Bit, Flackwell Heath.

Progress on the site is said to be going well and work is expected to be completed soon.

The site is seen by residents as a replacement for a former Skate Park which was ripped out just over a year ago.

Parkour, similar to free-running, is a high-intensity sporting game which sees competitors use their body to manoeuvre around different obstacles and frames.

County Councillor Katrina Wood, Chairman of the Chepping Wye Valley Local Community Partnership said: “Bucks County Council is delighted to be able to support this truly innovative project which has been made possible by the efforts of local councils and local people.

“We wanted to provide a facility that would engage and challenge young people locally in a positive and healthy way and be a real asset to the community and are looking forward to seeing some exciting new skills being developed.”

The new Parkour park will be officially opened on Sunday, May 18 and the Chepping Wycombe Parish Council are expecting a great fanfare.

There will be an open day with displays from Booker’s local freestyle club ‘Booker freestyle’ whose freestyle gymnastics is a mix of free-running, tricking, Parkour and urban gymnastics.

Reece Chapman, who recently spoke to the Bucks Free Press about the benefits Parkour can have, will be at the opening with his crew ‘team traceur’.

Along with the nationally accredited ‘Parkour generations’ team who will be supplying two coaches to offer expertise and advice on how the park can be a benefit to the community as a whole.

CWP Cllr Jem Bailey said: “We want the day to be an enjoyable and memorable event for the whole parish and I will be on hand with my fellow councillors behind the BBQ, celebrating the first phase in Flackwell Heath’s playground rejuvenation programme which wouldn’t be possible without the huge contributions from Bucks County Council, the Local Community Partnership and Flackwell Heath Residents Association who all need congratulating for their efforts’.

The event will start at 12 noon on the Straight Bit Recreation Ground, Flackwell Heath.