LABOUR has selected its candidate to battle for the Wycombe seat in the General Election – which will be held one year from today.

David Williams QC, who works as barrister in London specialising in family law, will be looking to secure the votes of Wycombe residents when they go to the polls on May 7, 2015.

Mr Williams, who lives in Chorleywood, grew up in Bedfordshire and studied law in Leicester before he qualified as a barrister in 1990.

He has worked in criminal, employment and personal injury law before moving into family law in 2000. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2013.

Mr Williams said: “Having spent 20 years working in the justice system, I have seen on a daily basis the struggle that many ordinary people face – whether through poverty, prejudice or powerlessness – and I believe that I can make more of a difference by seeking election to parliament.

“I believe that Labour’s fundamental values of fairness, equality and community remain as relevant today as they ever were. We believe in a fair deal for all, not just the few.

“We believe in respect and equality, where we embrace differences and where we know that working together for the future, as a family, a community, a union, a society and internationally achieves more than acting alone.

“I know Wycombe faces challenges like every community across the country, whether it is school funding and selection, closure of A&E in Wycombe General, the availability of social housing or the cost of living crisis.

“The Labour party, nationally and locally, has the vision to address these problems and the ambition to do so for the benefit of all not the few.

“I hope over the next year to meet as many of the residents of the Wycombe constituency as possible and to deliver the positive message that Wycombe Labour represents.”

Mr Williams has been an active Labour member since the late 1980s and has been on the Executive Committee of the Society of Labour Lawyers.

He said he enjoys mountain biking, motorbikes, football and his family.

Riaz Ahmed, Wycombe Labour Chairman, said the party is “delighted” to name Mr Williams as its candidate and backed him to be a “great MP”.

He said: “David understands what it is like for people suffering from this Government’s policies, forced to take cut back on basic essentials and forced to accept charity from foodbanks.

“He will make a great MP for Wycombe and we look forward to working with him to get Labour representation for Wycombe at national and local level.”