TRAVELLERS have been evicted from two sites in High Wycombe today.

Almost 10 caravans which were occupying land in Booker Common since yesterday evening vacated the area today after the threat of police enforcement.

Despite having first told residents police could forcefully remove travellers at 7pm today they instead just re-assessed the situation.

However, travellers did decide to leave the area anyway and were followed on to the M40 motorway by police at about 7.30pm.

It is unknown where the travellers were heading to, although it is believed some of them may have gone towards London.

Police officers first served an eviction order to almost 30 caravans when they occupied private land in Holmers Farm Way, near the Johnson and Johnson site.

Despite being moved on at the time they the set up camp in Booker Common.

It is believed work was being carried out tonight and tomorrow to ensure the security of both sites is in order.

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