CONCERNS have been raised over new LED street lights which have been erected in Beaconsfield.

The new fixtures which are brighter than the former street lights have concerned one resident who believes there are serious health risks which have not yet been researched.

Malcolm Parr, who lives in Knotty Green, said: “Once again our local authority has blindly followed fashion without consultation or trial and installed LED lights despite a national outcry that they are bad for your health.

“Studies have proven that LED lights disrupt sleep by suppressing the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone which governs our sleep patterns.

“The light given off by these lights is overwhelmingly blue which suppresses our biological clock, resulting in lower-quality sleep.”

He added: “No consultation was made. Nothing has been done to ask residents what they think. They were just put up one day.”

It has also been reported some councils who have installed these lights have been forced to dim them after complaints were received.

Transport for Buckinghamshire spokesman, Dan Elworthy, said: “The countywide LED street light replacement programme started in autumn 2013, following the Buckinghamshire County Council Business Investment Group (BIG) approving a three year LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting replacement strategy.

“The new LED lanterns last approximately three times longer than regular lamps, meaning that around 16,000 individual lamp changes will be saved across the county over the approximate 15 year life of the new lanterns.

“This means staff time, journey time, equipment, vehicle wear and tear and all the costs associated with these will be saved. In addition to this, LED lights are more environmentally friendly, with the project set to save approximately 495 metric tonnes of carbon.

“The lighting is already dimmed although the process of dimming is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. “They dim to 70% of their total light output between 22:00 and 06:00 and, in some areas, are dimmed even further to 50% of their total light output between 23:00 and 05:00. “Where further manipulation of light is required, we will be installing shields to prevent the light being as visible to those affected.”