A SCHOOL which has been criticised by pupils for restructuring its leadership after a bad Ofsted report is advertising for a number of high profile jobs.

A Facebook campaign was set up earlier this year by students of Holmer Green Senior School asking for a fightback against senior leadership restructuring.

However, the school are now advertising job vacancies for a Deputy Headteacher, a Senior Leader of English, Head of Sixth Form and a Head of ICT.

Headteacher, Michael Jones said: “Since our ‘requires improvements’ Ofsted report we have taken a look at the leadership structure of the school.

“We have sort of re-modelled the leadership team as there is a huge pressure for leadership to shine through.”

The school, which was given the ‘requires improvements’ report in January 2014, are now looking for external appointments for a Deputy Headteacher and a Senior Leader of English to be included in the senior leadership team.

Job vacancies for a Head of Sixth Form as well a Head of ICT, are not senior leadership roles.

Despite concerns from pupils about changes at the school, Mr Jones attempted to quash fears in March.

At the time he said changes were “very much in line to improve leadership aspects highlighted in the Ofsted report”.

He added: “My message to them (students), with my hand on my heart, is every member of staff at this school - their main priority is to help and support them and get the best results they can.”