CRITICALLY acclaimed performing arts group, Spirit Young Performers Company is expanding to Beaconsfield.

The part-time performing arts school is known for producing young West End stars, and showcasing students' performances on professional film.

The talents of the students has provoked an online following of young fans with many calling out to see their favourites perform in more videos.

Spirit Young Performers Company Director, Sophie Boyce, said: "We have an elite team in London and Beaconsfield, as there is a lot of talent in Buckinghamshire.

“It's more than just extracurricular- We have a professional approach and high expectations of the children, which separates us from other performing arts schools in the area."

Buckinghamshire Performers aged 8-18 can now audition for Spirit Young Performers Company’s ‘Elite Musical Theatre Team’, which started running yesterday, May 10, 2014.

Alternatively, youngsters can enrol in SpiritYPC’s Musical Theatre Training Classes to receive the guidance of West End professionals.

Classes run every Saturday in Beaconsfield. Auditions run regularly between now and the School’s opening date on May 10.

More information can be found at