THE cry of “and no more” will be heard as the Mayor of High Wycombe is ‘weighed out’ of office this weekend, Cllr Trevor Snaith has vowed.

Mayor Snaith says he is confident he will not be among the dignitaries publically ridiculed for piling on the pounds during Saturday’s historic Mayor Making ritual following his busy year in the Mayor’s Parlour.

Mayor Snaith said: “It has been a phenomenal year. When I started I said I wasn’t going to do anything by half and we’ve done an awful lot.

“I was looking to put together photos of all the events we’ve been to and it’s more than 400 engagements – we’ve been to so many groups and organisations which have never seen the mayor before.

“Because I’ve been so busy with visits, I’ve not been able to eat or drink as much so I’m confident it will “and no more” when I’m weighed!”

Mayor Snaith, who has been raising money for the One Can Trust and Child Bereavement UK during his tenure, picked out the Mayoral Arch project and the Mayor’s Ball as two of his highlights in the hot seat.

Cllr Khalil Ahmed will assume the Mayoral Chain during a service at the Guildhall at 11am before the weighing in ceremony on Frogmoor at 11.45am. Dignitaries will then return to the Town Hall for a reception.

Mayor Snaith said: “I am really looking forward to seeing what Khalil will do with his mayorship. I will help him with one or two things, such as the website, but I believe he will do a great job as mayor of the town.”

The unique Mayor Making ceremony was introduced in 1678 as then Mayor Henry Shepard’s was reported as being ‘drunk and misbehaving’.

It resulted in dignitaries being weighed at the start of the Mayor’s term to find out who had been dining out at the public’s expense over the past 12 months.