RESIDENTS have spoken of their shock and concern after a shooting was alleged to have taken place in woods near to their home last night.

A couple who have lived in Underwood Road for almost 50 years said they can’t remember anything like this ever happening before.

Police told the BFP five people were injured after a shooting was reported in Lucas Woods at about 8.40pm last night.

Stan Marshall said: “I can’t believe all that has happened, we heard the police helicopter going around for quite a long time last night but I wasn’t sure what was going on.

“I originally thought it was on the telly but turned that down and soon realised they were circling the woods.

“We have only since heard about it from the carers who come to see us.”

The couple who receive regular visits from carers struggle to walk and said they were concerned about what they would ever do in an emergency situation.

Eileen Marshall said: “We would just be stuck here, we wouldn’t be able to get out and walk away, it is quite concerning really.

“It has come as a bit of a shock, Stan has lived here for almost 50 years and he doesn’t think anything like that has ever happened before.

“It is normally a nice area, we get on with our neighbours, I didn’t think anything like that would happen here.”

Although most people we spoke to did not hear anything in the woods they became aware of the incident when they heard the police helicopter last night.

A 59-year-old resident from Underwood Road said: "I saw and heard the police helicopter last night, there was an awful lot of police outside the front door. It was really noisy."

A 20-year-old from Lucas Road said: "I did hear the helicopter for hours above, but I heard no gunshots at all."

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