A REVIEW of parking and traffic movements along a busy Wycombe road could be launched after plans for a new takeaway were rejected.

The proposals to replace the former nail salon on London Road, Wycombe Marsh, with a takeaway were thrown out by councillors.

Wycombe District Council’s Planning Committee was shown photos of the site – including one which angered members and ultimately resulted in the plan being rejected and a renewed call for a traffic review.

The photo (above) showed a shopper’s car parked in a resident’s driveway as all other spaces were full.

The homeowner Niamh Smith said: “That is not my car; it demonstrates the overspill from the new Tesco and the other businesses on the parade.

“I get blocked in or out of my own drive and you can see how I suffer. Another takeaway would only impact upon me and others even further.”

Cllr Trevor Snaith told Wednesday’s meeting that the traffic movements had got worse along that strip of the A40 since Tesco Express opened.

He added there was only room for one car per business on the parade, with visitors forced to dangerously reverse on to the A40 by a junction.

Cllrs Jean Teesdale and Hugh McCarthy said they were ‘disgusted and appalled’ someone would park in a resident’s driveway to go to the shop.

Cllr McCarty said: “That is appalling – I can’t believe someone would park in someone else’s driveway.

“We have to make a stand against the constant erosion of parking standards. We have to look at the current situation because getting on and off that parking area outside the parade is not easy.

“[Traffic flow to and from the parade] would be 11am until 11pm for residents and right through rush hour. I think it’s wrong.”

Supporting Cllr Snaith’s plea for a traffic and parking review, Cllr Alan Turner said: “If Buckinghamshire County Council believes the parking arrangements are fine, they need to come down with their tape measure.

“The road is getting worse, particularly since the addition of Tesco; this takeaway would only exacerbate the traffic problems.

“Cllr Snaith is right, that whole area needs a parking and traffic review.”

The takeaway proposal was refused on ‘displaced parking’ grounds.