A 38-YEAR-OLD woman has been arrested after a baby girl died in Chesham this morning.

Police said the woman has been arrested by police on suspicion of overlaying.

Officers said the girl was just a matter of weeks old, but no exact age has been given.

A police spokesman said: “The woman has been arrested on suspicion of overlaying in connection with the death of a baby.

“We are currently investigating the exact circumstances surrounding the baby’s death.”

Officers were called to a home in Deansway, near Asheridge Road, Chesham, at 9.30am this morning.

An air ambulance also landed in Chesham to assist with ground ambulance crews.

The baby’s mother was taken to hospital earlier today.

Police have not released the exact details of today’s tragedy, however, in general terms, overlaying can occur if a person who is sleeping with a child rolls over, causing them to be smothered.