AFTER a nationwide competition to find a new flavour of popcorn for Empire Cinemas, Nick Sykes’ fish and chips flavour has been voted top of the pops.

Chippy Fish flavoured popcorn is set to be launched after Mr Sykes’ from High Wycombe received over 2,500 votes from cinema goers around the country for his flavour to be crowned champion.

Mr Sykes, a communications officer for Wycombe District Council, said: “People obviously liked the flavour, I am very proud that it has proved to be so popular.”

The winning flavour was in competition with others such as: Sunday Roast, Wowee Wasabi, BanoffeePop, Mallowcorn and Arriba Arriba!

The British classic came out on top and will be created by Empire’s chief popcorn makers and then sold for a limited period across Empire Cinemas this summer.

Mr Sykes, 46, added: “I actually had no say whatsoever in the creation of the flavour and I haven’t even tried it yet. I am absolutely looking forward to tasting Chippy Fish for myself.”

He received a special prize from Empire and Mr Sykes said he can’t wait to start using it. He said: “I won a year’s supply of cinema tickets and popcorn which works out as being worth an awful lot.

“I do go to the cinema a lot but after winning I will definitely be going a lot more! I will probably be the most knowledgeable man on cinema in Bucks after winning this competition.”

To try the quirky twist on a British classic for yourself, pop in to an Empire Cinema near you this summer. Mushy peas and pickled eggs not included.