TV star Fern Britton spoke of her concern over the "dangerous and frightening" situation at a school as a host of worried parents voiced their concerns.

Holmer Green Senior School in Parish Piece, has been criticised in recent months as it attempts to rebuild after an Ofsted report in January found they required improvement.

Students, staff and parents have raised concerns about the route the school is taking with a number of staff at the school rumoured to be leaving in the summer.

During a public meeting at the school, Fern, who has two children at the school, said: "We are all here tonight because we are worried about the school, therefore we are worried about our children.

"This was a great school and a school we have all really invested in. All the staff I have ever met at parent’s evenings are very focused on what they are doing, so how have we got here? Where did things go so wrong?"

She added: "I can just sense alarm bells - why is there a high turnover of staff? What is happening? There is not any continuity for the kids.

"The situation just feels so dangerous and frightening when you have been at a school that is so lovely and we have supported and will always support."

A major concern raised in the meeting was about the new senior leadership restructuring. One parent claimed this left a massive strain on students, who say they have witnessed teachers crying in the classroom.

Headteacher Michael Jones concluded in the meeting that the leadership restructuring was "difficult for staff, students and parents" but is needed to for the school to rebuild.

In a letter home he said: "The Headteacher and Governing Body must seek to ensure that the Senior Leadership model is best suited to achieving the school’s mission of ‘Achievement and Opportunity for all’.

"This new proposal will enable the Headteacher to lead the whole school towards outstanding status through a clear and effective accountability structure."