THE CATCH of the day may not have made it into Marlow’s fine dining restaurants, but this specimen captured by Marlow’s mayor served up a treat for the winner of a town tradition.

Suzanne Brown plucked the lucky duck from the waters of the Thames after it beat thousands of other plastic birds to the finish line in the annual river race.

The duck dash was won by Stu Redpath, who backed the plucky yellow toy to help raise over £3500 for Longridge Activity Centre and others affected by this year’s floods at this year’s May Fayre.

Drenched in glorious sunshine, thousands of Marlovians lined the banks to witness the release of the ducks, which bobbed and floated their way towards the finish line opposite the park.

Cllr Brown said: "I opened the May Fayre in the morning, it’s a real highlight for me I have to say. We had such lovely weather and the turnout was the best I’ve ever seen.

"When we got back to shore the barbeque was fully sold out and all the Pimms had gone, so hopefully the Round Table have managed to raise lots of money.

"I got on to the boat with a big sack of runner ducks and tipped them into the river which was fun.

"It was when I tried to capture them I had a wobbly moment and almost fell in as I went to pick up the winning one so it was a great experience but nearly a wet one!"

Cllr Brown added that the event had a particular significance after the Round Table announced the cash raised would go to support those affected by the floods, including the badly-hit Longridge Activity Centre.

Simon Mills, of Marlow Round Table, said: "The annual event organised by Marlow Round Table and Marlow Ladies Circle was the biggest ever and the glorious sunshine throughout the day meant everyone went home happy.

"It’s now an annual highlight of the year for all local and visiting families. We were delighted with the turnout and whilst we are still counting the money raised, we estimate that that the event raised well over £3500 for local charities and causes."