MUM Lena Nowaczek cradles her new-born baby girl after giving birth in the back of an ambulance on the road outside her Marlow home.

The 33-year-old was about to be rushed to the birthing unit at Wycombe Hospital on Thursday morning – but her baby had other ideas, as she arrived in the ambulance parked outside their Gunthorpe Road home.

The Nowaczek’s said they have not yet got a name for their new arrival but they do have “an amazing story to tell her when she grows up”.

Husband Roman said: “Lena woke me up at 6.30am. We were due to go to John Radcliffe Hospital but she said ‘we don’t have time, we need to go to Wycombe Hospital’ but by the time we had got dressed, we had to call 999.

“She ended up in the bath and was planning to have the baby there, which was quite frightening, but the paramedic tried to persuade her to get out.

“Lena refused to get out of the bath but she eventually gave up and the paramedics strapped her to the bed in the ambulance.

“But as soon as the driver started the engine one of the paramedics said ‘the baby is now coming out’ so my wife gave birth there and then.”

Mr Nowaczek paid tribute to the hard work, professionalism and support paramedics Andy, Imogen and Chris gave to his wife.

He said: “Everyone is fine. It was a bit scary, as if there were complications what would we do? But luckily it was all very quick and straight forward.

“The paramedics did a really good job, you could see they were as emotional as we were as I don’t think they were prepared for it.

“Our friends and family are amazed as it’s such an unusual situation. I just want to pay tribute and thank the ambulance service, they did a great job.”