LEADER of Beaconsfield Town Council, Cllr Alan Walters, believes they have made ‘radical’ changes over the last three years which have helped improve the council.

As well as working on many community initiatives including traffic calming and new cycle paths, the council have streamlined the way they work.

In the last three years, the council have cut the amount of meetings they hold to further improve the way they work.

The group have cut the amount of meetings from over 100 to about 30.

Cllr Alan Walters said: “This council has worked hard over the last three years, we have achieved many things within the community.

“The traffic calming on Holtspur Top Lane and the new cycle paths have been great additions to the town.

“Our work with Walkwood has also been a big step for the town.

“I think the cut in meetings has been a great improvement and it allows us to make better decisions quicker.”

He added we will continue to work to make further improvements.