A PETITION has been submitted to a council after a campaign for additional toilets to be built on The Rye continues to gain support on social media.

Des Carrington launched the petition for toilets to be constructed on the Abbey Way side of The Rye after receiving a positive response to a post he made in the High Wycombe Facebook group.

The post – titled Mummy I Need the Toilet – outlined the problems facing parents on taking their young children for a fun day out at The Rye.

He told the BFP his young daughter “got a little bit excited” in the play area by Busy Bees nursery and was unable to make it to the toilets approximately 650 meters away by the Wycombe Rye Lido car-park.

He said: “The toilets are simply too far away from that end of The Rye.

“Kids get carried away when they are playing and usually leave it until the last minute to tell you they need to go.

“So by the time you’ve got all your stuff together, rounded up any other children with you and potentially pushed a pram over there, it’s too late and your day out is ruined.”

His initial post in the public Facebook group received 273 ‘likes’, 27 shares and more than 40 comments – which led to him starting up the official petition.

The petition on Wycombe District Council’s website has been signed by more than 200 people after just two days. It closes on June 30.

Mr Carrington added: “I’m amazed by the response it has received but I’m not doing it for a pat on the back – I think it is ridiculous there’s one lot of toilets.

“The Rye is a big place visited by a lot of people – there were hundreds there on Sunday when it was nice – yet there are one block of toilets in one place.”

To view and sign the petition, click here.