TEACHERS called police after Year 11 students started throwing eggs outside their school following a surprise leavers’ assembly.

Officers warned The Wye Valley School students and moved them on but some Year 11s claim they were unfairly treated.

The incident occurred after the assembly for school leavers on Thursday, May 8.

The police were forced to return the following day as students again caused trouble after they were refused entry to the building.

It was a sour end to what should have been a happy day for the school as it was the last day that all the year 11s would be together, even though some would be due back for extra lessons.

The school threw a party for the leavers on Thursday in a special assembly, providing them with pizzas and soft drinks in a two-hour celebration.

This came as a surprise to some students who had been expecting their farewell party the following day.

Some branded the school’s actions and police intervention as heavy handed.

One anonymous student contacted the Bucks Free Press to say they had been treated disrespectfully and accused the school of bringing forward the leavers’ assembly by 24 hours to get rid of them.

The student said: “I would like you to report on the absolute disrespect that The Wye Valley School has subjected Year 11 students to.

“We got into the gym and there was all our leavers hoodies laid out and pizza boxes, to soften the blow if you like.

“Anyway we were then subjected to a rushed, half-hearted leavers assembly, which usually takes place today (Friday, May 9) as with thousands of schools nationwide.

“After this assembly we were told that “today is your last day” with no warning or grounds upon to make the decision. We were then marched out the back of the gymnasium and down the alley parallel to the school.

“We were then told to leave and return for study on Monday. We were not allowed back on the school premises.”

But head Andrea Jacobson denied the allegations.

She said: “The Wye Valley School held a celebration event for Y11 on Thursday. This event was planned by the school but, as many other schools do with Year 11, the students didn’t know the date of when this would take place.

“It lasted two hours during which the students had a pizza lunch, soft drinks, a Celebration Assembly showing photographs of their school years to music, an opportunity to sign each other’s shirts and collected their Y11 ‘hoodies’. “There was a lovely atmosphere where many kind words were said by staff and students and they enjoyed the occasion.”

She added: “The police arrived when the students left school and helped keep the atmosphere calm and positive as the students said their ‘goodbyes’ to each other.”