PART of Bledlow's traditional heritage is up for sale as a lordship title looks set to fetch at least £8,000 at auction.

The Lord of the Manor of Bledlow title goes on sale this month through Manorial Auctioneers in London. The title dates back to 1086 and is mentioned in the Domesday Book, compiled by William the Conqueror.

The book acted as an inventory of the principal landholders in his new kingdom of England.

Robert Smith, of Manorial Auctioneers, said: "I imagine that the person who buys the title will possibly be local or someone who once lived in the area. However, absolutely anyone can buy the title as long as they have the money."

The Domesday commissioners valued the whole property at a princely sum of £22, but its guide price today stands at £8,250.

Lordships of the manor are the oldest land titles in England, pre-dating the Norman Conquest which began in 1066. By 1042 the Lord of the Manor was considered the most important person in the village and would collect taxes on behalf of the King and carry out "high justice" - the power to inflict death in court.

Since 1086 the lordship of Bledlow has been passed from the Kings of England, to a group of monks in France, to Eton College and finally to a private family.

The title has only in the last few weeks been put up for sale and Mr Smith added: "We have had some interest so far but we expect more people to make a bid and by the end of the month we should have a sale."

The new owners may call themselves Lord or Lady of the Manor, and use their title on passports, credit cards and stationery. They are also allowed to join the Manorial Society of Great Britain, which holds social events including an annual reception at the House of Lords.

* For more information on the auction, call 0207 582 1588