THE rollout of automatic number plate recognition technology across the majority of car-parks in the Wycombe district has begun.

The ANPR system - which uses cameras to record when a vehicle arrives and relays that information to the payment machines - will be installed in the Kingsmead, Duke Street and Totteridge Road car-parks this week.

The system will be used in every Wycombe District Council owned car-park by the middle of August, except three.

Wycombe Sports Centre, and the Dean Street and Riley Road car-parks in Marlow, will remain pay-and-display for ‘operational reasons’.

The council commissioned the rollout after hailing the ANPR trial at the Easton Street and Railway Place car-parks as a success.

WDC claims ANPR means residents will no longer have to race back to their cars before their ticket runs out – reducing the likelihood of fines.

It also offers additional payment methods; including over the internet or registering for a system which automatically takes payment from your account upon leaving a car-park using ANPR.

Traditionalists can still pay by card or coins at the machines.

WDC said blue-badge holders will still receive free parking but they must register their details first.

Contact the council’s parking services on 01494 421955 or email for further details.