A CHARITY leader has paid tribute to Marlow’s freemasons for helping to transform the lives of disabled children.

The 21 lodges and 10 chapters based at the Masonic Centre in St Peter Street have joined colleagues throughout Bucks in making regular contributions to the Pace organisation which helps kids with cerebral palsy throughout the Thames Valley.

And the charity’s chief executive, Amanda Richardson, has thanked them for a mammoth £50 000 in donations over the last decade.

She said: “I can’t thank Marlow Freemasons enough for their generosity.

“They have made a huge contribution to our work, helping cerebral palsy-affected youngsters to live independent and more fulfilling lives.”

The charity is now beginning the first phase of a new school for children under-five throughout Bucks and Slough who have been born with brain related issues such as cerebral palsy.

The project will enable trainers to work with kids at a much earlier age, when the likelihood of making lasting, beneficial change is greatest.

Freemason Peter Kemp, 65, of Bullock Farm Lane, Wheeler End, hopes that the result for the children will be a much higher chance of them living independently in the future.

He said: “I am in awe to my fellow freemasons who have lived up to our principles of friendship, decency, and charity in supporting this project so splendidly.”