TRACES of cocaine, ecstasy and heroin were discovered in two High Wycombe pubs after Eric the dog picked up a scent during a police operation.

Police brought in specialist drugs dog Eric to sniff around the town’s watering holes and people out enjoying a drink in the town on Friday night.

After he picked up a scent in two unnamed pubs, officers conducted a search of the premises and used a drugs analysis machine to swab areas in which illegal substances are believed to have been used.

The swabs revealed traces of cocaine, MDMA and heroin. All other bars in Wycombe checked out by Eric were clean, officers added.

Sgt Matt Lloyd, who led the operation, said: “We are aware that most people who come into High Wycombe on an evening do not use drugs.

“However, we also know that a few people do and this is often linked to disorder later in the evening.

“We often drug test people arrested for disorder offences while they are in custody and believe drugs played a part in the events leading up to their arrest.

“By dealing robustly with those who do bring drugs into town, and deterring others, we are improving the social experience for everyone.”

He went on to warn people against buying, dealing or taking illegal drugs as Wycombe officers and Eric had already planned many nights out in town.

Sgt Lloyd said: “Being prosecuted for drugs offences could have a major impact on your future or current career, and prevent some overseas travel and work.

“The consequences could stay with you forever. Please bear this in mind when you are planning your night out in High Wycombe.

“As you can be assured the team and Eric will be having a night out soon.”