A FARMER whose land a bomb disposal team used to blow up a grenade said there was an impressive bang.

On Tuesday police were called to a property in Widmer End to reports a live grenade had been found at 9.39am.

An armed forces bomb disposal team safely destroyed the grenade.

Peter Gray from Brimmers Farm, Windmill Lane, said the bomb disposal team asked if they could explode the grenade on his land.

He said: "They asked if I had somewhere they could explode it. I have got a dell hole in the corner of the field with nothing up there.

"They went up there and blew it up. It was an impressive bang. Everybody on Windmill Lane heard it."

Mr Gray said he was told the grenade came from a property in Windmill Lane.

He added: "I was told someone's dad had died and the daughter was clearing the garage out and it rolled out from under a sideboard."

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