A SINGER from Wooburn Green stormed into the final of Britain’s Got Talent last night, after a performance which music mogul Simon Cowell hailed “exceptional”.

Jack Pack, a group of four friends, won last night’s semi-final to book their place in next Saturday’s live finale.

The group received a standing ovation from the four judges after their rendition of Frank Sinatra-hit ‘My way’.

The group are now one of the favourites to take the crown as this year’s most talented act.

Andrew Bourn, from Boundary Road in Wooburn Green, gave up his job just a few months ago to pursue his music dream but it now could be about to pay off as they face the biggest night of their careers next week.

Last week, Andrew told the Bucks Free Press the group were most nervous of performing in front of Simon Cowell, who was not at their first audition.

Andrew said: “We have all worked really hard for this moment, so yes we are excited and nervous about performing on Saturday (yesterday).

“It is going to be the first time we have performed in front of Simon Cowell so that adds to the nerves.

“We didn’t perform in front of him at the audition stage; it was just the three judges. We briefly met him in the last round when the judges told us if we were through, but that was literally just a couple of minutes, as was shown on TV.

“It will be really interesting to hear what he has to say about us, he is a very influential man in the music industry, definitely very experienced, we would love to have him on our side.”

However, after last night’s performance, Cowell said: “You know what? I love this era of music. This only works, A if you have got good voices and B if you respect the era, and you win on both counts.

“What I like about this band is we haven’t got a group like this, actually I have always wanted to work with a group like this.

“I love the idea of four guys doing the whole rat pack thing, I thought it was a perfect song choice, the harmonies were great, your lead vocal (pointing to Andrew) was exceptional. I’m very, very, impressed that was a great end to the show.”

David Walliams added: “If I was Simon Cowell I would be making you sign a contract tonight in blood.”

The group was only formed recently when Andrew and Sean, who played football together, decided to start the group.

With the help of another friend who became their manager, Adam and Alfie soon joined to complete the set-up.

The group must now wait a week before they can take on the final on Saturday, June 7.

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