A NEW Women’s Institute in Bourne End has so far been a big success with the club already making plans for the year ahead.

Founders of the new club have said that because many other groups within the district were over-subscribed they felt there was a need for a new WI.

The group currently meets once a month at St Dunstan’s Church Hall in Cores End, Bourne End.

WI member, Julie Wardell, said: “With many local groups over-subscribed in the district the formation of a new WI in Bourne End is a welcome addition.

“It (the club) has had an enthusiastic welcome from the community and ideas for interesting lectures for future meetings are well in place.”

The new WI only started in April but members have already organised many interesting ventures including a number of guest speakers.

Next week will see a former Gardener of the Year give a talk about the ‘Seasonal colour in the Garden’.

Edwin Rye, the BBC Gardener of the Year in 2002 will be visiting the club on Monday, June 9.

Members and visitors will also be able to purchase flowers from him on the day.

As well as that visit, the club will also receive a show in jewellery making later on in the year and they will be given a photography masterclass in July.

The club currently meet on the second Monday of every month at 2pm in St Dunstan’s Church Hall.

The club have said new members are always welcome as are visitors, who will incur a small charge.