DON'T get stung if you're having trouble with wasps - help is at hand.

With the summertime arriving wasps begin building their nests, which can hold up to 5,000 creatures by the end of the season.

Anyone with a nest built on their property is being warned not to tackle it themselves but instead call in a proper pest controller from Chiltern District Council.

Cllr Peter Hudson, cabinet member for Health and Housing, said: "Wasps do have their benefits, and a place in our eco-system. They can also give a nasty sting and, when they set up home near humans, can become a nuisance, especially if they feel their nest is threatened.

"Professional help is available, and I urge anyone who thinks they may have wasps on their property, to seek specialist advice."

Anyone needing help with a wasp nest on their property can contact the council on 01494 729000 or go to, and arrangements will be made for a pest control contractor to call. There may be a charge for the work - see the council website for details.