TRAVELLERS, who have faced a battle with the council and residents over the last two years, have been granted planning permission to set up a permanent site it Flackwell Heath.

Wycombe District Council previously refused a decision to allow a group of travellers to occupy green belt sites in Flackwell Heath and Walters Ash.

However, after an inquiry led by the Secretary of State, the group have now been given permission to set up camp on a former plant nursery area in Heath End Road, Flackwell Heath.

They were also successful in an appeal of WDCs decision to reject permission for a site in Walters Ash and have now been granted permission for a temporary period of four months.

The original application for the Flackwell Heath site was launched by Gerard O’Connor who is related by marriage to Patrick Murphy who applied for the Walters Ash land.

The two applications include plans for a gypsy/ traveller site including the stationing of two mobile homes and two touring caravans and the erection of a day/utility room.

Applications from the two families have faced a heavy resistance from residents in Flackwell Heath who have campaigned against the use of these sites.

The Flackwell Heath Residents Against Inappropriate Development (RAID) group was set up by concerned residents after travellers purchased land in the village.

They have campaigned alongside residents to ensure travellers are not able to use the former plant nursery site.

The original application from travellers to occupy land in Flackwell Heath was strongly objected by residents with hundreds of people formally objecting to the application.