A 90-year-old war veteran from Hazlemere was awarded the Legion of Honour medal at the recent D-Day memorial in France.

Peter Graham, 90, formerly of The King's own Scottish Borderers, received the French military’s second highest ranking medal.

He said: "There were so many people and reporters there all clapping me. I was interviewed by CNN, ITN and French and German television companies. I could hardly speak, it was so emotional. In fact it was terrifying."

He was accompanied by his family during a trip which saw him reunited with the beaches entrenched into British history.

Iain Graham, 67, spent a week in France visiting various different memorial sites with his father before arriving at Sword Beach. He said: "We went to six different memorials. There were thousands of people. Americans, Canadians and so forth."

"It was absolutely fantastic and very emotional. He received three medals when we were out there."

The D-Day war veteran added: "When I picked up the medal I was thanked for my services to France. I was the only one from my regiment to go.

"I know of one other who is still alive but he is in hospital so sadly couldn't go. He is the only person I can contact now and I am definitely going to send his some photographs from the ceremony."

Mr Graham JR said that this memorial had added significance as it is likely to be the last for many of the veterans before its next anniversary in ten years.

He added that the recent memorial service was a proud day for the family and that it was an incredibly emotional experience.

He said: "It was incredibly poignant. We were all outrageously proud. Words can't describe it. It was a tear in your eye moment for sure."