A CAR which overturned in High Wycombe this afternoon forced a main road to be closed.

Abbey Way was closed after the collision, although the road is now believed to be re-opened.

Police and ambulance crews were at the scene but it has not yet been confirmed if there are any injuries or how many vehicles were involved.

Eye-witnesses have reported that a car has overturned and a set of traffic lights have been knocked over.

Jenny Barnes, who drove past the car wreckage, said: “There is quite a lot of police around I think we originally saw three police cars and then maybe four more when we passed the car which has crashed.

“It was on its roof and it looked pretty crumbled, but it didn’t look like anyone was inside it.

“The traffic seems to be moving a bit but it is still very busy.”

According to traffic updates the accident has been cleared and the road is open again.