THE spirit shown by Marlow during the January floods was praised by the mayor as she appeals to find a community guardian in every street in town.

Ahead of giving out awards at the Mayor’s Annual Reception, Mayor of Marlow Cllr Suzanne Brown hailed the togetherness shown by residents when parts of the River Thames burst its banks amid heavy rainfall earlier this year.

Mayor Brown hopes that spirit will continue going forward and would like a volunteer or two in every road to get to know their neighbours to ensure the authorities know who would be in urgent need of help if disaster strikes again.

She said: “This year has been unusual, as we all know, with the floods. Nobody would wish it on any of us but my goodness did Marlow come together.

“The old, the young, churches, Rotarians, the councils, and we have some people here at this lunch to say thank you for everything – and I want to say thank you again as it would have been far worse disaster then it actually was.

“It would be great if we could keep that spirit going and not just come together when there’s a disaster.

“I know a lot of people are volunteers but we are talking to people to see how we are missing people. We run Christmas lunches and we know we aren’t getting to everyone.

“So if we had a volunteer in each street in Marlow that looked after each other we would know who is old, frail, who needs the foodbank etc and Marlow would be an even better place to live.”