A DISGRUNTLED Marlow resident has criticised the ‘unfeeling’ Royal Mail workers who refused to deliver a letter from her 10-year-old niece.

Gail Borrows, of Marlow Bottom Road, was shocked when a note dropped through her door asking for an extra 20p towards postage for an envelope addressed simply to ‘Aunty Gail’.

The peeved resident said she understands Royal Mail has to cover its costs, but believes they showed a lack of compassion and discretion in refusing to deliver a letter she says is clearly from a child, in this case her great-niece Rachel Lee.

She said: "We have all had problems with Royal Mail before I am sure and I understand that if someone sends something without the correct postage then it needs to be paid for.

"The amount it is underpaid is 20p, and now I have got to go into Marlow, find somewhere to park and pay another pound handling fee.

"I suspect this is from my 10-year-old niece who lives in North Manchester. We keep in touch by phone and I only see her about twice a year bless her and I get quite excited when I get a lwetter from her.

"This is from a child, it is addressed to ‘Aunty Gail’ for goodness sake - don’t they have a human touch left at Royal Mail that they can’t tell the difference? It disgusts me.

"It is unthinking and utterly unfeeling. I accept I have to pay but it’s a letter from a child, it’s so obvious."

Mrs Borrows added she believes the problem lies at the sorting office rather than deliverers, and that she has never had any trouble with postmen or women on her round.

Royal Mail says it is required to treat all customers equally and cannot make exceptions in individual cases.

Royal Mail spokesman Sally Hopkins said: "Surcharging customers is the last thing Royal Mail wants to do and we would urge people sending mail to ensure they use the correct postage.

"We also suggest customers include the sender’s details on the back, so we can return the item to the sender if the addressee has gone away.

"The surcharge that is levied helps to cover the extra cost of handling items that have been underpaid."