A SINKHOLE which was recently repaired has sunk again by 10 inches as authorities search for the cause.

The sinkhole in Holtspur Top Lane, Beaconsfield, which residents say was about four to five metres deep, has been a concern for neighbours who have worried about how big it could get.

TfB filled in the hole last Friday, June 13, but since then it has sunk again and they now need to complete the second phase of the repair.

They are also looking into old records of the area to find out what the cause is, as they say an old drain chamber could be responsible.

TfB spokesman, Dan Elworthy, said: “Following inspection by our contractors, and the appropriate method of repair being determined, the Holtspur Top Lane sinkhole was repaired on Friday, June 13. “The repair involved the hole being filled with aggregate and then resurfaced.

“The initial repair was carried out on Friday, but as expected, this has sunk approximately 10 inches from the surface. Now this has ‘settled’, we will be adding a second phase of repair on top of the now more solid base.

“As for how the sinkhole may have formed, at this stage and due to the narrowness of the hole, we believe it may be an old drain chamber. We are currently investigating the areas old records to see if they show anything.

“The repair will be monitored for four weeks.”