AFTER spending years helping people in need all across the world, Stuart Kinsey from Beaconsfield has been rewarded with an OBE.

Mr Kinsey has been given the honour for Humanitarian Action and International Search and Rescue after years of working in disaster zones.

He has worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, New Zealand and Indonesia as well as many other places.

As part of the UK Department for International Development, Stuart was deployed last year to the Philippines after the island was hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

Stuart was there managing the buying, loading and configuration of 500 tons of food and emergency supplies onto HMS Illustrious, a Royal Navy aircraft carrier that was delivering aid via helicopter to remote islands.

Before coming to DFID in 2001, he worked for the International Rescue Corps in earthquake search and rescue, tunnelling through rubble looking for survivors in the immediate aftermath of major earthquakes.

A mechanic by trade he has also developed water purification kits that are used in disaster zones across the world.

Despite normally proving quite expensive, Stuart was able to develop his model from everyday parts which can easily be purchased.