TRANSPORT bosses say their ‘hands are tied’ when it comes to removing vehicles after workers were forced to work around a car left on a road marked for resurfacing.

Crews on Station Road in Marlow veered around the car, which despite signs and letters to residents remained by the side of the road during last week’s works.

Angry readers wrote to the Marlow Free Press to complain that the car should have been towed.

But Transport for Buckinghamshire said it does not have the authority to take cars away and will have to return to finish the job at a later date.

Council spokesman Helen Fincher said: "TfB is not permitted to remove cars that are in the way, so the police are contacted.

“Officers make efforts to contact the owner but can only tow the car if it is unlicensed.

"It is frustrating, but our hands are tied. We do forewarn residents about works taking place. We do everything we can to keep the road clear during works."

She added that motorists are urged to look out for any warnings of forthcoming work in their neighbourhoods to avoid any similar problems.