THERE has been a rise in shed and outhouse burglaries within Princes Risborough and the surrounding area.

Police have advised residents to take more precautions following the rise in burglaries within the last month.

There have also been a rise in theft from vehicles, with officers encouraging people not to leave anything on show in your car.

When dealing with the burglaries from sheds officers have noticed they have been poorly secured and in many cases insecure.

The property stolen in many cases has not had the serial number, make and model documented by the owner, which makes it difficult to return any property the police may recover to its rightful owner.

Police advise residents to assess their property- for example avoid hidden areas leading up to your shed and consider security lighting for any areas in deep shadow at night.

They recommend gravel paths and drives, which could alert you to a trespasser on your property and to make the back garden a difficult area to access with prickly heading or fencing around the perimeter.

They also advise heightening the fence with trellis, but said to check with planning regulations beforehand.

Other recommendations include locking sheds and putting an alarm on the garage and to always property mark your gardening equipment and valuables with you postcode