RESIDENTS along a recently resurfaced street say the works have caused chaos, with an ‘accident waiting to happen’ as drivers take advantage of the lack of yellow lines to park dangerously.

As reported in the BFP, Bucks County Council resurfaced Station Road in Marlow, working around parked cars that had failed to move following a warning.

And now residents on the street say motorists are descending on the street after it emerged the county council would not reinstate the double yellow lines for two weeks.

Business owner Annie Mulady said: "In the meantime, drivers are clearly taking advantage of the lack of parking enforcement and leaving their vehicles in sections of the road which can only be described as dangerous.

"In particular the bend of the road close to St Peters Street and the junction of Lock Road and Glade Road - at present you are taking your life into your hands and resulting in an accident waiting to happen.

"I have a birds eye view of the issues the poor parking is causing and while sometimes entertaining, let’s say the tempers of drivers has been running high!"

Another Station Road resident John Mcwhirter criticised BCC for putting up warning signs only one day before the works began.

And he said reckless parking is making it dangerous for those trying to exit Mill Road and Station Rise.

Transport for Buckinghamshire confirmed that no enforcement is possible until the yellow lines are replaced.

And it said a 'bedding in' period of two weeks is needed before any markings can be applied to the surface.

Last week, readers submitted photos of crews leaving gaps on the road while they worked around parked cars on the street.

But TfB said it does not have the authority to take cars away and will have to return to finish the job at a later date.