PLANS for a proposed land swap in Beaconsfield Old Town were scrapped after almost 60 per cent of people said they were against changes.

The changes would have seen ‘Common Land’ in the Old Town swapped with an area of open space on the edge of the town to allow 45 paid for spaces to be included in areas in London End.

However, the district council have revealed 59 per cent of people who answered their survey were against changes. The majority of businesses were also against the plans while the majority of shops were in favour of the change.

South Bucks District Council have said more than 600 people answered the survey, but 295 answers had to be dismissed as they were from the same business.

About 47 per cent of residents supported the land swap and new parking proposals, while 87.8 per cent of businesses did not support the proposals.

In total, 80 per cent of shops were in favour of the land swap and new paid for parking measures.

It has been reported that 57.6 per cent of people answered the survey which was sent out earlier this year.

However, despite these plans being scrapped, 61.5 per cent of people who answered are said to have supported the idea of limited waiting times.

A SBDC spokesman said: “Unfortunately as a result there is no clear mandate for the District Council as managers of the common land to progress this proposal.

“Councillors discussed the results of the survey at the Environment Portfolio Advisory Group on June 18, and the Portfolio Holder Cllr Nick Naylor agreed that no further action will therefore be taken on this matter.

“The District Council will continue to manage the common land within the current constraints for the foreseeable future and no further action on parking controls will be possible.”

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