JIMMY Savile committed sexual assaults on staff and patients between the ages of five to 75 across almost 30 hospitals in the UK, reports published yesterday have said.

However, it could be months before information about Savile’s actions at Stoke Mandeville Hospital are revealed.

Reports showed the widespread abuse committed by Savile across 28 hospitals in the UK, including Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor Hospital.

The reviews into conduct on NHS premises found Savile ‘posed’ with corpses and it is even claimed he made jewellery out of glass eyes taken from the dead.

One witness statement published in a report examining conduct at Leeds General Infirmary said ‘I do remember seeing this ring he had on that looked like an eyeball and – and I must’ve mentioned it to him and he said ‘It’s made from the eyeball of a dead friend’.

The report said: “In light of the claims about the glass eye jewellery and Savile’s interference with the bodies of the deceased, it is evident his interest in the mortuary was not within accepted boundaries.”

The Leeds report also detailed how 60 people came forward to say they had been abused between the ages of five to 75.

Reports into Savile’s relationship with Broadmoor Hospital found Savile watched and made inappropriate comments as female patients showered naked in front of staff.

However, a report detailing the former Radio DJs crimes at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where Savile had a bedroom, is not now likely to be printed until the autumn.

A Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust spokesman said: “Following the emergence of new information, the independent Speaking Out investigation into the activities of Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital will not now be published before the summer as originally planned.

“Given the nature of the issues under investigation and the importance of hearing from all the witnesses the Trust believes it is important that the final report is thorough, comprehensive and accurate.

“Accordingly it will now be published in the autumn of this year.”