TRANSPORT for Buckinghamshire recognises its grass cutting in Princes Risborough has been "pretty poor", a councillor said this week.

At the monthly meeting of Princes Risborough Town Council on Tuesday night Cllr Bill Bendyshe-Brown gave his report as the town's county councillor.

He said he had a meeting with Transport for Bucks regarding the grass cutting in the town, which has prompted many complaints about overgrown verges.

Cllr Bendyshe-Brown said: "They have brought forward the grass cutting to this week. They recognise it has been pretty poor.

"They keep saying each year they have learnt their lessons and they don't seem to.

"What they are saying now is they should have brought in several gangs at the beginning to hit the grass cutting."

He said they also said they should have used a mower which deals with heavier grass cutting at the start, as the original mower broke down.

Cllr Bendyshe-Brown said: "We ended up with a long period until our grass was cut, due to a machinery break down in and around the county."

Buckinghamshire County Council has cut the number of urban grass cuts from ten to six a year.

Cllr Will Streule said: "The problem with grass cutting is not necessarily the number of cuts but the timing."

He said the first cut should have been earlier, followed by one three to four weeks later and they would now be on their third, instead of second.

He added: "We would now be ready for summer. Six cuts is fine, it is just the timing. The first one was left all the way through to the beginning of June."