RESIDENTS were greeted with an unusual sight in Marlow yesterday as more than 20 members of the Royal Logistics Corps lined the streets to celebrate Armed Forces Day.

It was the first time members of the RLC had been in Marlow for the event and it marked the start of their relationship with the town.

In April, a RLC postal and courier squadron moved into their new base in Booker. They will also operate from Marlow and other areas.

Major Rick Lawn, the officer commanding the newly formed squadron said he was impressed by this weekend’s celebrations as well as the towns Remembrance Day service last year, which he also attended.

He said: “I thought the day (Armed Forces Day) was really good. It was very heartening to see the people of Marlow come together, support and show an interest.

“I think we do find it an honour to be involved in such things like this. It is an event which should be celebrated all over.”

“As well as honouring servicemen and women we are also hoping to get more people to join and hopefully we are able to inspire people to do so.”

As well as helping to honour retired and serving personnel, the RLC, like other cadet groups attending the event, were also offering people the chance to join their growing squadron.

They now hope more people will join the group as it offers people many opportunities to have fun and learn.

If you’re interested in joining, you can contact them on 01494 465821.