A CAMPAIGN group who have been fighting a £200 million development of Pinewood Studios for six years may still take the government’s decision to the High Court.

Last week, the Secretary of State overturned South Bucks District Councils decision to refuse Pinewood Studios planning permission to expand their site.

The expansion, which would more than double the size of the existing Iver Heath site, was originally turned down over the detrimental impact it would cause to the green belt.

Sylvie Lowe, the chairman of the Stop Project Pinewood group said she felt shocked and dismayed by the decision.

She said: “Quite honestly I was devastated by the decision. I was gobsmacked that they felt the business case for Pinewood was greater than all the objections.

“We were shocked and dismayed by this. People don’t seem to realise what’s happening in this small corner of South Bucks.”

She added the village feels it is being attacked by all sides with proposals for HS2, Pinewood Studios and the crossrail all having an effect on the area.

Campaigners now have to decide if they want to appeal the government’s decision and take the matter to the High Court.

Mrs Lowe said: “As well as South Bucks (District Council) we are looking over the report. We have five more weeks to decide if we want to challenge this outcome.

“The next step would be to approach the High Court which could be very costly and expensive. If we were to fail in an appeal, we would have to pay a fortune.

“If money wasn’t an option we would of course object this decision. But as all of us know the little people often don’t win against these big organisations in David and Goliath type battles.”

Pinewood Chief Executive, Ivan Dunleavy, said: “We welcome the decision on 19 June 2014 by the Communities Secretary to grant permission for the Pinewood Studios Development Framework as recommended by the Planning Inspectorate.

“We will proceed quickly with the preparations for construction of this much needed additional capacity.”