POLICE continue to investigate a collision where a dog died on the Upper Icknield Way.

As reported in the Bucks Free Press previously, on June 1 a motorcycle collided with a dog on the path on the section between New Road and Earl Mitchell playing field.

The dog, Nero, who belonged to Mandy and Gordon Lenton from Salisbury Close died following the incident.

On June 11 a male was interviewed and was reported for careless driving, driving otherwise than in accordance than with a driving license and for Section 34 Road Traffic Act for riding a motorcycle on a bridleway.

Police said once some additional enquiries have been completed a file will be submitted for the Crown Prosecution Service and/ or Thames Valley Police to consider if the male will be prosecuted for any of the offences he was reported for.

Officers said various sections of the Upper Icknield Way, including the part documented above, are open to vehicle usage at certain times of the year. It is also open to vehicles for access purposes throughout the year Since the incident police have received a number of calls and comments about off road motorcycle misuse.

They asked residents to report incidents with full details to the police on 101 so they can build a better intelligence picture of the situation.

Mr Lenton spoke to the town council on Tuesday night calling for something to be done as he said they have been traumatised since the event.

Councillors agreed to send a letter to the police supporting the prosecution of the motorcyclist involved.