IT looks like Gordon Ramsay has given the thumbs up to a new recipe at a Flackwell Heath chip shop.

The television star caused quite a stir in the village this afternoon as many shocked residents asked for a photo opportunity.

However, much to the shock of passers-by the chef was actually a look-a-like.

The Ramsay impersonator, who rose to fame after reaching the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final in 2010 as part of the Chippendoubles, thinks Flackwell Heath’s Frackle Fryers is the real deal.

The look-a-like, whose real name is Martin Jordan, said: “I have been on TV, I have worked as Gordon Ramsay’s body double, but I love coming to these sort of community organisations to help support local businesses.

“They do great stuff here, Dal, the owner, asked me to come along to see their new recipe. It looks really good. Hopefully the people around here will like it too.”

The look-a-like was able to withstand the heat in the kitchen earlier, as he helped to make the fish and chip shops latest, healthier, fishcake.

Frackle Fryers owner, Dal Singh posed for pictures alongside Mr Jordan and other staff from the shop.

Mr Singh said: “The typical fishcake retailers sell, contains white fish so it’s very hard to determine what fish it is. The potato is usually a powder form too.

“Our fish cakes use only four ingredients, Cod, potatoes, fresh parsley and salt.

“The taste is delicious and we are really pleased with them.”