A LADY who claims to be the ‘dog poo fairy of Bourne End’ has collected seven dustbin bags of excrement from a pathway next to the River Thames in just 10 days.

Over the last few months Cindy Smulders and her husband, Dominic, have been cleaning up after “inconsiderate” dog owners near their house in Camden Place.

The problem has got so bad the couple have even bought a bin for owners to use on the Thames Pathway and they have now been forced to taking bags to the dump every couple of weeks.

Mrs Smulders said: “We decided something needed to be done about this just after the flooding.

“Part of the pathway was underwater but when it all drained away, 152 small bags were left on the ground.

“We collected them up and left a message saying to look at what people had done.

“After that it wasn’t too bad but since the weather has been getting nicer again people have just been leaving it all over the place, including hanging on hedges waiting for some sort of fairy to come and collect them – like me.

“We bought a bin but as this area is so populated with so many walkers it has just been getting too much.

“As we can’t get it to be collected it is down to me and my husband to get rid of it all. Two weeks ago I collected 10 days worth which amounted to seven full dustbin bags.”

They are now hoping to be supported in their bid to stop people leaving bags behind.

They have spoken to both the council and the environment agency who have told the couple they will explore the options.

Mrs Smulders added: “I just can’t understand why people don’t take it home with them and get rid of it themselves.

“We are just trying to do our bit to keep this area nice, but it is becoming too much of a difficult job.”