THE City is Ours is hoping to turn their hobby into a job.

The five piece female fronted band started two years ago and the bassist, Nat Douglas, said they haven't had a bad gig yet.

Nat hails from High Wycombe, while the other four- Mikey Page, Victoria Mackenzie, George Munroe and Conor Fountain- are a mix from Chesham and Watford.

The line up has changed a few times since they started with Nat joining last August.

He said they describe their music as post-hardcore/ pop punk adding: "We were definitely a pop punk band. If anyone saw us last year that's what we were.

"At the moment we are going darker with our style."

They rehearse in Watford and High Wycombe and this year so far they have played at The Barfly in Camden, The Garage in Islington and at Buryfields festival in Chesham.

Nat said: "This is the most positive I have ever been in a band, definitely.

"It is just really fun the way we all get on .

"We have had some really bad things happened this year in our personal lives. It is not just a band- it is a family.

"It is a hobby that we want to become a job. The response we have been getting from people is very positive.

"Since I have joined, I have never been happier. We haven't had a bad show yet."

And music is in the family as his dad, Don Chandler, has played with Ali Campbell from UB40 and Craig David as he is a touring session musician.

He said: "I used to be a drummer earlier. On my 16th birthday my dad, who is a touring session musician, he bough me a bass guitar.

"The sticks went down and the guitar came up.

"After that I just joined a few bands trying to see if I could be in a band. I failed a few times and had a semi successful go at it."

Nat, who went to Sir William Ramsay School in Hazlemere and who now lives in Castlefield, is the oldest in the band at 26.

He used to be in a band called Skylines and prior to that, This Dying Hour.

At their next gig in High Wycombe he will be playing on the same bill at Tigers of Junction Street.

Nat said: "People in that band used to be people in my old band. We are never going to get back together but basically it's the closest we are ever going to be.

"It is a bit sentimental in that way."

Their High Wycombe gig is at Alternator presents Homefest- a three day festival at Scorpios in Crendon Street, High Wycombe from July 25 to 27.

The City is Ours is playing on July 25. To buy tickets go to

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